Hello and welcome to the BL US Society!

There are two branches to this novel society – Academic and Cultural.

Regarding the academic branch, BL US society will inform, educate and provide students with the necessary tools and skillset to make personal and professional career decisions about a life in the U.S.

We are offering a series of workshops ran by external speakers based within the UK and USA to provide talks relating to their medical application experiences, assistantship opportunities and information about studying medicine within the US. With these workshops, we hope to offer Barts students’ information they need to make an education decision on whether to pursue a medical career in the U.S. or not.

The cultural branch of the BL US society focuses on providing educational talks from both members of the society and external speakers covering topics that focus on the cultural aspects of American history – specifically focusing on current issues including American politics, women’s rights and BLM. This will provide another platform for students to take part in these important discussions.

We will be providing online social events/events at the discression of COVID guidelines (e.g. Curry night). These events are open to anybody, and allow members who have a cultural identity/interest related to the USA to be able to meet and form a community

Anybody can join the society! We hope to see you soon!

No elections are currently running

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