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Come join us on Wednesday the 22rd of September between 3pm and 6pm! We will have two committee members available at all times who are there for you and happy to answer any questions you may have! Our committee members will also present a brief introduction to the society every 10mins during the Fair (e.g. 3:10, 3:20, 3:30 ... etc.).

Can't attend - simply message us on Facebook or Instagram anytime! 

Welcome to Barts and The London U.S. Society!

BL US is a student-led educational society which seeks to inform, educate and provide medical students and doctors across the U.K. with the necessary knowledge and skills to make personal and professional career decisions about a life in the U.S. Keep your eyes pealed for our next posts, or simply follow us on Facebook (@blussoc), Instagram (@blussoc) and Twitter (@blussoc) so that you won't miss out on any of our upcoming events!

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To find out more about our society, check out the details on our academic and cultural branches! To get a membership, add our standard, associate or external student membership to your basket (find the membership details below). We can't wait to welcome you to BL US!

Academic Branch:

Regarding the academic branch, BL US society will inform, educate and provide students with the necessary tools and skillset to make personal and professional career decisions about a life in the U.S.

We are offering a series of workshops ran by external speakers based within the UK and USA to provide talks relating to their medical application experiences, assistantship opportunities and information about studying medicine within the US. With these workshops, we hope to offer Barts students’ information they need to make an education decision on whether to pursue a medical career in the U.S. or not.

Cultural Branch:

The cultural branch of the BL US society focuses on providing educational talks from both members of the society and external speakers covering topics that focus on the cultural aspects of American history – specifically focusing on current issues including American politics, women’s rights and BLM. This will provide another platform for students to take part in these important discussions.

We will be providing online social events/events at the discression of COVID guidelines (e.g. Curry night). These events are open to anybody, and allow members who have a cultural identity/interest related to the USA to be able to meet and form a community

Anybody can join the society! We hope to see you soon!

Membership Details:

***Discounted £1 membership until January 31st, 2022***

BL US Society Standard Membership: £1.00

  • Access to all BL US events (academic and cultural).
  • Automatic Certificate of Attendance for all BL US events (once attended).
  • Rights to Vote on the BL US Committee at the AGM.
  • Exclusive Entry into all our Raffles and Giveaways that take palce during our BL US events (if attending).

BL US Society External Membership: £1.00

  • Access to all BL US events (academic and cultural).
  • Automatic Certificate of Attendance for all BL US events (once attended).

BL US Committee 2021/2022:

  • Co-Presidents: Rhea Srinivasan & Periklis Giannakis
  • Treasurer: Katie Rallis
  • General Secretary: Ioannis Hadjihannas
  • Welfare Rep: Nicholas Chatzakis 
  • Social secretary: Nathan Chisvo
  • Publicity officers: Sophronia Samouti & Abdulaziz Almutairi
  • Social Media officer: Nefeli Perdikaki
  • Alumni officer: Carola Bigogno
  • Clinical Rep: Kosta Thoma
  • Pre-clinical Reps: Cecilia Glynou & Zuzanna Sypula
  • Honorary Member: Dr. Cristoph Schmidt

Events Calendar 2021/22: 

Semester 1

  1. Dr Tan, Anesthetics - 14/10/2021, 6pm (recording available)
  2. Dr Sebas, OBGYN, NYC - 23/10/2021, 7pm (not recorded)
  3. AMBOSS - 27/10/2021, 5pm (not recorded)
  4. Step 1, Dr Chris (F1, Barts graduate) - 28/10/2021, 6pm (not recorded)
  5. Dr Greg, Barts IMG, Neurosurgery - 15/11/2021, 6pm (not recorded)
  6. Step 2, Dr Chris (F1, Barts graduate) - **POSTPONED**
  7. Dr Huan, Barts IMG, Trauma & Ortho - 29/11/2021, 6pm (not recorded)
  8. AMOpportunities - 06/12/2021, 7pm (recording available)
  9. AnkiKing - TBC

Semester 2

  1. Dr Soni, UK IMG, Plastics - 1/2/2022, 6pm (not recorded)

Have any specific event requests or other recommendations? Please email us at blus@bartslondon.com with what you would like us to organise, we are happy to try and accommodate.

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