The Breast Project Barts


The Breast Project Barts is a new society for 21/22 and is a branch of The Breast Project, a student-led national initiative supported by The Association of Breast Surgery and The Mammary Fold, to raise awareness of oncoplastic breast surgery and other breast health sub-interests within medicine & surgery such as GP, radiology, pathology, and oncology. Breast health is underrepresented in the medical school curriculum despite it being the most common cancer in women in the UK, with national screening programs and huge efforts by charities and research funders to further awareness and advances in the field (notably within QMUL at The Wolfson Institute). Further, oncoplastic breast surgery may be its own training pathway in the next decade, branching off from general surgery. This society allows for networking, hosting events both online & in-person, teaching sessions and providing educational resources, linking students to mentors, fundraising for charities, and creating research opportunities such as audits on breast cancer screening.


Co-president: Nina Purvis

Co-president: Nadja Miles

Treasurer: Hebe Midson

Vice President: Kai Liang

Welfare Officer: Priyalisha Sivanathan

Secretary and Education Lead: Angela Chau

Mentorship Scheme Lead: Eve Hardwick 


Seeking other committee members for positions such as: Social Media Officer, Events Lead, Charities Lead, Research Lead - get in touch!

No elections are currently running

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