Welcome to QM's first Calisthenics Club!

Calisthenics is a form of strength training that uses bodyweight exercises to target large muscle groups. Best thing about it? It requires little to no equipment, all you need is a pull-up bar and your own bodyweight to train.
Whether your goals are building muscle, building strength and endurance, losing weight, or simply improving your overall health, calisthenics can help you achieve it all.

We're a new club that was created this year aiming to build a community of cali athletes to thrive from. Whether you're a beginner who can't pullup or a master of the sport, this club is for you!

And just to debunk a huge myth: Calisthenics is for men AND women. People seem to view the sport as male-dominant due to social media, but it's actually the complete opposite. 


Training Sessions

Wednesdays: 2 PM at Wennington Green Park / Blomely Rooms (will depend on the weather and will be announced weekly on our Whatsapp group, which you'll find a link for on our Instagram bio)

Sundays: 2 PM Collab Sessions with UCL and KCL at Royal Oak Park

This may change depending on the week, but this is the general set schedule.



Since we're still new, we haven't yet participated in any formal competitions as of yet. We do, however, have members taking part in this month's Calisseum event on Jan 30, which is a freestyle, statics and endurance competition.

We do plan on participating in other competitions as the year goes by, but this is the situation for now.


Contact Information

President - Youssef Shehab (, @youssefshehab__)

Vice President - Sami Ullah (@fit.kob)

Welfare Officer - Riyad (@riddler.__)

Treasurer - Mohamed Tabish (@1m_t4bs)


For any general enquiries dm the club's instagram page @qmcalisthenics_

No elections are currently running

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