Women Of Colour


We would like to create a society that strives to break down the glass ceiling of university and the workplace by having a support system. We want to create a safe and enjoyable space for women to grow and prosper throughout their university experience. My friends and I faced micro-aggressions in our second year, and never felt comfortable enough to join any societies. As a result, we want to change this common experience for women who also feel the same way at the university, and be the positive change we want to see at at Queen Mary. We want to create long lasting friendships and allies through extra-curricular, interactive, and educational events. We aim to enhance engagement with local communities for students living out and commuting so they have another safe space other than the on-site campus. 

Our goals are to:

1. To welcome women of all backgrounds to feel safe and comfortable at the university, and to have a ‘safe-place’
2. To integrate and make the university more cohesive
3. Supporting women of colour in their education and career journeys


Women Of Colour Elections 2024/25

This is Women Of Colour's election for the academic year 2024/2025. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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