Cross Cultural Activities Society (CCAS)


Our newly formed Cross-cultural Activities Society is a place for any and all exchange, international and home students! We plan to explore an array of different cultures with many fun-filled trips!

  • The Cross-Cultural Activities Society: Essentially a place where people of all backgrounds, from exchange and international to QMUL students, can learn about other cultures and form friendships with their peers. Involves fun activities such as fun affordable trips across London & ideally a day or weekend trip abroad (maybe for spring break/reading week)! Also holding cultural events to showcase the exchange/ international student’s culture (from their hometown/ where they study) such as fashion shows and friendly cooking competitions.


  •  More activities include Picnics, movie nights, cooking/baking traditional foods from their home countries’ as well as joint events with other societies (i.e. karaoke and friendly dance competition with hip hop and R&B society) to strengthen bonds between other students of different backgrounds and interests. 


  • We hope that members will be able to form friendships and bonds with people across the world so if they ever study abroad or travel they’ll have good friends to show them around the respective country (I.e. after studying abroad for a semester in Boston College and Seoul National University we now have good friends to visit across the US, Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania as well as the Caribbean )! 


  • Make sure to follow our social media accounts for more information on upcoming events (I.e. our first social event coming up mid-october!). The link to our whatsapp group chat is also as followed:
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