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The Queen Mary Global Markets Society (QMGM) aims to produce research across a wide range of topics, including Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income and FX, economic modelling, development of AI, as well as business and managerial practices. Our research approach will be to emphasize the importance of global events in shaping the business environment. We have a team of trading analysts who manage live asset portfolios. Our society will value inclusiveness by welcoming contributions from all students.

Our Aims - 

  • To help students understand the evolution of financial markets and the history of monetary policy.
  • To enrich students’ knowledge of the variety of different career opportunities within government, development, and finance.
  • To organise events with prominent institutions and figures to provide insights into various industries.

What you can expect from us -  

  • Newsletters
  • Technical and Fundamental analysis focus groups
  • Trading sessions 
  • Collaboration with other societies 
  • Movie nights
  • Debates


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