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human rights, free speech, activism

QM Amnesty International Society is a students’ organization standing up in defense of human rights across the globe. 

Our aim is to bring attention to world-wide violations through a number of campaigns run by Amnesty International. We hope to mobilise, engage and include Queen Mary students in our shared goal to protect human rights.  

  • Our society will focus on bringing awareness to causes where justice is hindered.

  • We are an inclusive society and invite students from across other societies to participate with us.

  • Interested in debate? There will always be room to improve your speaking and knowledge about international laws with the discussions we put together! 

  • In raising awareness about human rights violations, we are also adamant about putting together speaker events, semester-long campaigns and workshops to teach students the art of effective campaigning, networking and protest.

  • We also fundraise for Amnesty International and support victims of human rights abuses (at home or global) through visits, letters, donations and petitions.

Amnesty International Society: Join us during Queen Mary's online freshers fair and take part in deciding a campaign-trail for 2020-2021! 

Memberships are £5 and are open for purchase! Keep an eye out for our first online write for rights session and our monthly human rights bookclub! 


Introducing the 2020-2021 Committee,

 Julia Pata & Mathilda Lorkin, Co-Presidents.
Ishwarjeet Kaur Singh, Treasurer.
Tracy Kingue, Welfare Representative.
Hannaa Badat, Secretary.
Rebecca Gosav, Social Media Officer.
Katherine Dewar, Events Manager.
No elections are currently running

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