Korean Society




President: Reika Igarashi
Vice President/Dance Captain: Yenting Lay
Treasurer: Judit Parocha
Dance Co-Captains/Teachers: Osiyan Gauchan, Sudhruthi Paparaju, Arina Thapa
Graphic Designer: Christabel Elulade

KCS mission statement: to ensure that everyone will enjoy the events we host and appreciate Korean Culture together as a family.

We aim to be a society where students can meet and learn about the beauty of Korean culture. We are planning to host events inspired by popular Korean activities such as Running Man, Korean BBQ, karaokes, Korean movie nights, K-Pop dance classes etc. We are currently coming up with events for our members to be held online.

We hope to have collaborations with many other societies in QM for fun events where members can socialise even more. In addition, we hope to host events with other universities including King's College, UCL and University of Greenwich, for bigger events. We hope to create a welcoming, family environment where everyone can feel welcome.


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