Squash is an exhilarating sport, with plenty of movement, great cardio burns and a fantastic feel-good factor afterwards. It's an ideal sport for those looking to relieve the stresses of university academic life, make new friends and to just generally have a good time. We're a club of all levels of ability and we welcome everyone from newcomers all the way to ex national players. Whatever you're looking for, we have the right sport for you.


We have three dedicated session taking place over two days a week. Sunday is our main day for training, with professional coaching for our team members taking place from 2.40 till 3.20 followed by our main social session from 3.20 till 5.20. This is often followed by drinks and dinner at Spoons, a somewhat traditional venue for the club.

For intermediates and beginners there is a dedicated session on Tuesdays from 2.30 till 4.30. This is a great way to work on your skills in the game if you're looking to try and move to that next level as there are less people attending and you'll get greater court time. These sessions are run by our Social-secs Nikhil and Tally whose details you can get from our facebook group.


We have two main teams. Our elite BUCS team, which competes in the main university league for the south-east are for those players at county or national standard level. For those who play at a considerably advanced level but not quite to the standards of BUCS entry, will be elligble for our LUSL team which is basically our de-facto 2nd team. This team competes in the London university league and gives those players who aren't quite at county level the opportunity to play competively. Attendence to training with our coach on Sundays is mandatory and you'll be expected to maintain punctuality for all


We have a regular table at the infamous Hail-Mary's event at Drapers. This takes place on the last Wednesday of every month and is an opportunity for club to get together to celebrate sporting success at Queen Mary's. Unfortunately due to the ongoing pandemic, this has been temporarily postponed but our social-secs are on hand and have plans for some great events to fill the void that has been left. Come down on Sunday to find out more.

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President - Raheem Nabi

Vice President - Felicia Kaspar

BUCS Captain - Lucas Farrimond

LUSL Captain - Gabriel Teh

No elections are currently running

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