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Unite is a Christian society. We believe the bible is the word of God and is the basis of our faith in Christ Jesus. We are a community of believers with like-minded faith.

Unite is a Christian Society at QMUL. We host a weekly bible study for those who wish to find out more about the bible and our beliefs as Christians. The bible study is open to anyone of any background to come and take part in. We aim to provide a safe space for Christians to fellowship and grow their faith based on the teachings of the bible.

Besides our weekly bible study, we also host numerous events throughout the year. From Q&A sessions to games nights, from movie nights to parties, to careers and networking events. We use these events to create opportunities for people to share meaningful experiences, develop healthy friendships and become a part of the Christian community at QMUL.

As well as being a society with its committee and members, Unite is family in which anyone can come and feel at home and welcome. We seek to prevent people from feeling alone at university wherever possible. In the past members have organised times for people to go out together and just enjoy life with one another as a close nit family. We also try to look out for each other on campus, even small things like a smile or greeting can make a significant difference to a person’s wellbeing. We encourage our members to communicate with each other in this way so they feel secure and loved like they are a part of something special.

Our membership is only a fiver! So become a member and follow us on social media to get involved in our workshops and be kept up to date with the many other events we put on throughout the year, or just to simply become a member of our family. Members receive discounts on tickets to many of our events.

You can also look contact us using the email at the bottom of the page. Look forward to meeting you!

Bible studies are every Tuesday at 5:30pm on Zoom.

For more information about the society and the bible study please contact:


Francis (Unite President)
Phone: 07341542615  Email: unitesociety@qmsu.org


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