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An increasingly globalised world requires a diverse workforce at every level.

What We Do

The QM Equality in Leadership society aims to educate and empower our members so they develop into the next generation of professionals who strive to build a diverse, inclusive and equal workplace. EiL hosts networking events, skills workshops and discussion panels. These initiatives provide a platform for our members to connect and raise awareness of issues such as unconscious bias, discrimination against the minority group and unfair treatment in the workplace. Our members are coming from diversifying background. They may be able to grow their network, add substance to their CVs and meet like-minded professionals through EiL's relationship with application gurus, BAME & LGBTQ professionals and industry leaders from every sector. 

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Committee 2018/19

President: Emily Sin Tee Teo
Vice President: Rithvi Somani
Treasurer: Shelley Kwan


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