Alternative Investments Group


The AIG is the first society to focus on Private Equity, Hedge Funds, and Venture Capital. AIG allows students to interact with industry leaders and learn about alternative financial disciplines.


Aims & Goals


  • Provide its members with alternative investments industry insights from professionals in the field. Which gives members a better picture of what working in this specific industry is like.
  • Build commercial awareness specific to the alternative investments industry. This is enabled through the newsletter, curated by the society’s members.
  • Provide a portfolio of different valuation models that are widely used in the industry. Members are taught how to build as well as how to use them



  • Members that curate the monthly newsletter are able to build great research skills, but also improve their language and communication skills. Additionally, members will familiarize themselves with the language of the industry, by utilizing abbreviations and names that are commonly used in alternative investment space, but foreign to other areas. 
  • Building business cases with deeper research on the fundamentals of private/public companies, using models provided and explained by the society.
  • Discussions about news/specific topics on a society group chat



  • Build a presence that can elevate this society beyond the University’s boundaries, with a dedicated monthly newsletter.
  • Publishing the business cases on pages like seekingalpha and reddit



  • Curators of the monthly newsletter and the business cases are able to provide examples of their work to employers.
  • Hard skills and soft skills needed for the industry can be improved, as well as commercial awareness specific to the sector.



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