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Welcome to Ancient Languages and Culture (Latin-Soc)!

In this society, you can expect to discuss and appreciate Latin language, literature, and culture. The main focus of the society will be on exploring the Latin language and elements of Ancient Greece and Egypt.

This year (2022/2023), we will be exploring the main themes of Homer's epics: the Iliad and the Odyssey. First, we will discuss the main themes of these two epics and identify the most important similarities and differences between them - and place them among other pieces of ancient literature. Second, we will discuss our theories on whether Homer actually existed, whether he (or some other individual) actually wrote both the Iliad and Odyssey, and have a general overview of the oral tradition in epic and how this developed into written literature.

You can also expect to discuss:

  • Ancient philosophy
  • Ancient verse and poetic language structures
  • Roman politics
  • Classical history
  • Roman customs and domestic life

No prior knowledge of ancient languages, culture, or history is needed or expected in this society. Just bring along an interest to develop your knowledge and understanding of ancient, bygone societies with far-reaching influences on our modern lives. We look forward to meeting our new members!

Your Committee:

President: Leonardo Ketabi

Treasurer: Yasir Barlas

Welfare Representative: Jack Ward


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