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Welcome to ArguDent, Barts' very own Dental Debate society. From social issues to the implications of ground-breaking dental research, if it's a debate you're looking for, we've got your covered!

ArguDent is Barts and the London's first dental debate society. Established last year, our aim is to encourage our dentists and even medics of the future to get involved in discussions concerning the dental field. Last year we covered a wide range of topics, from the implications of the discontinuation of amalgam, to more fiery topics such as whether dentistry should be a post graduate course like it is in the United States. I'm sure we know where a lot of the postgraduates stand on that one! 

Aside from expressing yourself and getting involved in topics that interest you, being a part of our debate teams provides you with an invaluable opportunity to develop your communication skills and improve your advocacy as a dental or medical professional.

So how does it work? 

All debates will be in the Oxford style; members will be allocated into teams, which will be different each session. There will be 2-3 debates a term, and the motion to be discussed will be chosen via a Facebook poll, so that members can have a say in what they are debating. The motion and the teams will be announced a week before the debate. Debates will be held in front of audiences, and teams will have been expected to prepare, research and delegate opening statements, main arguments and rebuttals. 

As intimidating as it all sounds, we do understand that debating may be a new experience for many of you, so rest assured there will be guidance and training along the way. Please do not hesitate to get involved regardless of your experience in debating. 

Come to our stall in 'freshers fayre' at the Whitechapel Campus for more information!


Committee Members:

President: Jay Nagpal

Vice President: Amin Ahmed

Treasurer: Merouane Ait-Hocine

Events Officer: Yuqiao Liu


No elections are currently running

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