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Welcome to BL Resp Soc! This year, we are looking forward to showing you the variety in the exciting specialty of respiratory medicine, and that it is far more than COPD asthma, the common conditio

Welcome to BL Resp Soc!

This year BL resp society will be introducing you to an array of exciting and interesting topics that are directly related to respiratory medicine in ways you may have never thought of! 

Our goal for this year is to provide opportunities in both clinical and research elements as well as to start a conversation, specifically related to the ongoing debate: " is vaping safe "

In order to keep our student community safe, all activities, workshops conversations and more will all be provided through an online platform until the university sees it to be safe enough to move to in-person meetings. 
With that being said this will give you the opportunity to safely meet other students with similar interests!

Did you know?
A lot of research in environmental studies have relevance to respiratory medicine.

Due to one of the biggest risk factors, smoking, there is an element of public health involved. It also has crossovers in many other fields such as emergencies in respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, ARDS, immunological conditions, anaesthesia, congenital conditions such as cystic fibrosis and sleep disorders to name a few.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in respiratory disease, or if you’re curious to find out more, come along to our events.

***Introducing 2020/2021 committee***

  • Co-presidents: Ayaa Alqallaf & Tobi Oyebanji
  • Vice President: Fatmah Alreqem 
  • Treasurer: Heba Altuwaijri
  • Secretary: Warda Mansur
No elections are currently running

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