Design Engineering Society


QM Design Engineering Society aims to bring together a network of students interested in Design, Product Design and/or Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

This society is for SEMS, DICE and EECS (w/ design studio) students only.

The Design Engineering Society curates an enriching experience for its members, seamlessly blending social engagement, skill refinement, and intellectual exploration. From riveting social activities, dynamic skills workshops, and compact yet insightful Mini-Master classes to captivating visits to exhibitions, we offer a diverse array of opportunities. Immerse yourself in the thrill of design competitions and join the conversation each week as we showcase a "Designer of the Week," encouraging our members to share their perspectives. Our meticulously organized social events, including design pub quizzes and museum visits, serve as vibrant hubs for members to intermingle across academic years, fostering a dynamic exchange of knowledge and ideas. Elevate your collaborative spirit through our Think Tank sessions, providing a platform for insightful advice that transcends year boundaries. At the Design Engineering Society, we believe in crafting an immersive and intellectually stimulating environment that transcends traditional society offerings.

President, Marketing & PR: Georgina Cole 

Vice President & Treasurer: Yaseen Dhanji

Social Sec & Welfare representative: - Yusuf Raja

No elections are currently running

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