Design Engineering Society


QM Design Engineering Society aims to bring together a network of students interested in Design, Product Design and/or Engineering at Queen Mary University of London.

This society is for SEMS, DICE and EECS (w/ design studio) students only.

In addition to our social events, the society plans to host regular skills workshops and guest presentations, as well as organising visits to exhibitions, trade shows and industry throughout the year. Our members also have access to a growing range of facilities including 3D printing, rudimentary 3D scanning (in progress), arts & craft materials and inkjet printing. We also would host Computer-Aided Design and coding tutorials that members could find useful either in their courses or use as a skill to have in their future careers. We also have an interest in connecting/inspiring current Design, Tech and Engineering students. We do this through holding social events or through connecting with our fellow DICE alumni.

President, Marketing & PR: Carla Brooks

Vice President & Treasurer: Daphne Biestro

Social Sec & Welfare representative: - Available -

No elections are currently running

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