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Voted best society by 100%* of students and endorsed by Will Smith**


The Queen Mary Ghost Hunting Society is a team of like-minded individuals collaborating for the sole purpose of eliminating the ever-present supernatural threat in London. You too can join us in the battle against the undead (and have some fun along the way!).

Where to find us:

WhatsApp: Join us!

Instagram: @ghosthuntingqmul

The Ghost Hunting Society committee for 2023-24 is (left to right):

  • Joshua "Spooky" Amar - The Supreme Spectral Searcher: Grandmaster of Ghostly Expeditions and Paranormal Pursuits 
  • Brock "Spooky" McPherson - The Apparition's Apprentice: Vice Chancellor of Spectral Affairs and Etherial Oddysseys
  • Gwen "Spooky" Yap - The Ectoplasmic Economist: Keeper of Hauntingly High Finances and Ghostly Gold 
  • Jacob "Spooky" Rennells - The Phantasmal Party Planner: Director of Spectral Soirees and Otherworldly Good Times
  • Archie "Spooky" Lloyd - The Phantom's Guardian: Chief Medic of Paranormal Maladies, Injuries and Other Such Spectral Matters


Messages from the committee

"Alongside my wonderful colleagues, I created the Queen Mary University of London Ghost Hunting Society for the express purpose of taking back the power that the ghosts of the Queen Mary campus (and Greater London in general) have held for too long. It is the forward-thinking nature of the QMUL community that has enabled incredible achievements such as being the most diverse Russell Group University and producing nine Nobel Laureates. Now that culture has culminated in the formation of one of the first University Ghost Hunting Societies in the UK and the first among London Universities. Now, with your help, we hope to lead by example in the field of ghost hunting and research - having fun and making friends along the way."
~Joshua "Spooky" Amar


"'From sceptics to believers, the topic of the supernatural has always been something that brought people together' - said no one ever."

~Gwen "Spooky" Yap


"QMGHS has really pushed me to get out there and meet new people to not only purge the evil spirits and demons of my life but also the ones that haunt the local area!"

~Hugh Mann


*100% of 1 student surveyed,  **Will Smith (27, Chelmsford)

©1897 - QMUL Ghost Hunting Society

Ghost Hunting Society Election 2024-25

This is Ghost Hunting Society Election's election for the academic year 2024/2025. To be eligible to run, you will need to have this year's membership and be a student next year at QMUL.

2 posts are up for election.

The polls have closed.

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