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Hello and welcome to the Metal Music Society! 

As our name states, we are all about metal music of all types, aiming to provide both a safe space for all metal music enjoyers but also an opportunity for people to explore their taste in music further.

Never really listened to metal before? Are you an avid fan? Either way, in our society we keep the true breadth and diversity of metal music at heart, aiming to remove unfair stereotypes that surround this beautiful genre of music. Metal is not just “scream music”!

Join us and you can look forward to all sorts of socials and events ranging from pub gigs supporting our local metal bands, to large venue concerts of popular metal artists. Whether you are a listener, someone who’s never even given the genre a try, or even part of a metal band, make sure to check our social media pages and join us for the best head-banging experience at the Metal Music Society! 

Memberships are optional, we also accept any donations

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Our Committee

President:                Andrei Nistor

Treasurer:                Sarantis Alexander Koulis

Welfare Manager:    Kenny Gomes Leitao

Social Media Manager: David Martin Wolfe

No elections are currently running

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