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Culture and creativity pervades Armenia; in every corner you will find galleries, museums, sculptures, statues, millenia old churches and monasteries, areas of outstanding natural beauty, and the unique-to-Armenia public drinking-water fountain called ‘pulpulak’. Armenia hosts a plethora of entertaining festivals such as Ecotourism festival, Vardavar - The Water Fest, and the Golden Apricot International Film Festival with the aim to increase the locals’ and tourists’ participation in cultural and sport events, film screenings, special exhibits, delicious food offerings, folk music, dance and other activities. Armenia and its capital, Yerevan, has an expanding creative Information Technology and digital sector with many start-up and mature organisations exploring the realm of future innovation and software development.


There is so much to explore and learn about Armenia which is why the QM Armenian Culture Society is here. 

We want to: 

  • spread the warm, positive and fun side of Armenia such as food, dance, music, culture and hospitality,
  • enlighten other cultures about the fruitful life and history of Armenia,
  • uphold equality, peace and all other key values of the Armenian Culture society,
  • unite the diasporan Armenian community to listen and build ideas for our growing country,
  • eat lots of amazing food and, 
  • establish our society at Queen Mary and Barts by hosting unique and vibrant events. 

Our team for 2022-23

  • President: Ellen Adamian (Biomedical Engineering BEng)
  • Treasurer: Armen Ghahramanyan (Chemical Engineering BEng)

To stay up-to-date with our society, you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook @qmarmenian or we can add you to our Whatsapp group, just give us a shout!

Our 3 main aims are:

1) Presenting the Armenian culture in a universal and inclusive way through a wide range of topics including business, history, geopolitics and arts. 

2) Unite Armenian students at Queen Mary and Barts

3) Promote QMUL to prospective Armenian Students

No elections are currently running

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