The Queen Mary Criminal Justice Society is a student-led organisation at the Queen Mary University of London aiming to widen students' contact with the field of Criminal Justice.




Justice or injustice ... that is probably the question.


The Queen Mary Criminal Justice Society is a new student-led organisation at the Queen Mary University of London aiming to widen students' contact with the field of Criminal Justice.

As a society, we are committed to creating a space where students can learn and explore their interests whilst having fun and making friends at the same time. We place particular emphasis on creating an atmosphere, in which individuals can engage with different points of view, discuss and develop their knowledge of the area.

We aim to develop the knowledge of our members on important issues relating to the Criminal Justice System through panel discussions on topics such as 'The Criminalisaion of the LGBTQ+ Community', 'Terrorism and Extremism', 'Gang Violence in East London' and 'Revenge Porn''. These panel events will allow students the opportunity to learn about and discuss these issues from experts including organisations such as Amnesty International, Queen's Council barristers and other industry professionals. As well as these more formal panel discussions we also provide lots of opportunities to discuss these issues and more with peers at our Pub Debate Social events. 

Our society will also provide members with fantastic opportunities to learn about careers within the sector and network with industry professionals, for example at our Christmas Networking Ball. We also know that networking is hard and that is why we provide all our members with a comprehensive networking guide including detailed information about all the attendees of our careers event, to take the work out of networking. There will also be many work experience opportunities as a CJS member.

A large aim of our society is to allow members the opportunity to develop key skills whilst making a positive difference to our local community. This is why we have developed our new community engagement project which will allow members to get involved in schemes such as a CV review scheme for those soon to be released from prison and providing workshops on things such as Stop and Search Rights for those in our local community.

Most importantly we hold frequent social events inlcuding a visit to a prison themed cocktail bar!

Regardless of your course of study or career aspirations, the public importance of the issues we will be addressing throughout the year are interesting and important for anyone to learn about. We'd love to have you join us!



President: Matty McDermott-Krasker

Vice President and Treasurer: Billie Axtell

Head of Events and Competitions: Zsofia Dara

Head of Engagement: Zoe Hill

Events Officer: Filip Kolodziejski

Careers Officer: Anusha Bansal

Communities Officer: Georgia Rowe

Newsletter and Marketting Executives: Isabel Tucker and Georgia Hawthorne




Professor Sean McConville

Jeremy Dein QC


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