Rail Challenge


Innovating the future of trains

The Railway Challenge is an IMechE-hosed event that takes place every year and invites teams from across the world. Teams are required to operate as if they were an engineering consultancy firm tasked with designing and manufacturing a locomotive to fit on a 10 1/4” gauge railway for a large corporation. The IMechE Challenge is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring teams to compete and put their skills, expertise, and knowledge to use in designing and manufacturing a miniature locomotive.

Our Aims

  • Inspire students, educators and engineers at all levels about the principles and potential of ethical, environmentally sound and culturally sensitive engineering.

  • Enable partner organisations, people and communities to use and develop their engineering capabilities to address global challenges.

  • Influence the engineering community to lead by example and make a positive contribution to the world as responsible global citizens.


Why you should join our society

  • Exercise your technological skills by building devices with a focus on sustainability

  • Improve your presentation and communication skills by engaging on outreach projects

  • Attend presentations from our alumni committee members and see where engineering can take you

  • Network with like-minded student, staff and industry professionals

  • Join us for fun socials such as the Engineering Games and quizes, and design competitions.

  • Next year, you might get the chance to lead this society


Committee Members 2021-2022

  • President - Mohammed Rayyan
  • Vice President - Krissmitha Kathirkamanathan
  • Welfare Officer - Hisham H Dowlut
  • Treasurer - Salmaan Davdani 

In-person meetings will be held in Engineering (Room number) every Wednesday. 

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Upcoming Events (Semester 1):

  • Meet and Greet - October
  • Movie Night - October
No elections are currently running

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