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Welcome to our cordial Diving&Snorkeling society. Join our online and water-based activities this semester. We offer a wide range of diving courses and speciality courses by PADI. Let's explore!


♦What we have to offer ♦

Subscriptions for recreational divers, either beginners or professionals, with access to our monthly newsletter. Everyone gets 10% off their first dive regardless of membership. Scuba & Snorkeling society provides an effective way of learning to dive/ snorkel with approved scuba centres.

♦Who can join ♦

Anyone with an interest in Scuba Diving or Snorkeling and all who are drawn to the ocean and marine life.

What comes with my membership ♦




  • Scuba-Snorkel  Brand LogBook                       
  • Membership card
  • Monthly Scuba-Snorkel newsletter
  • Membership upgrade option
  • 3rd category discount³
  • Weekly social events (dive-streams, trips, quizzes, bingo-nights, debate club and many more)                                            
  • Scuba-Snorkel  Brand LogBook                       
  • Membership card
  • Monthly Scuba-Snorkel newsletter
  • Whenever you dive, your gear rent is included and you won't need to pay extra
  • Warm Foil blanket
  • 1st category discount¹
  • Discount for dive-trip to Greece (hotel + scuba diving and/or snorkeling)

¹ 1st category discount - 10% off every trip

² 2nd category - certified divers, individual discounts depending on the level, check your eligibility by emailing us to

³ 3rd category - 5% off every trip

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