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We're a vibrant community preparing students & professionals for decentralized companies. With industry experts, we offer insights and skills connections.

QMUL Blockchain Society

Join Our Blockchain Society: Innovate, Connect, Grow

Welcome to the Future of Technology!

Intrigued by blockchain? Whether you're a new to the space or a well versed, our university's Blockchain Society is your gateway to this revolutionary field. We're more than a club; we're a thriving community of innovators and visionaries.

For Beginners and Experts Alike

New to blockchain? We'll guide you every step of the way. Already a blockchain buff? Great! Deepen your understanding and share your knowledge in our dynamic environment.

Bridging Academia and Industry

Our society connects academic learning with the professional world. Join us to gain valuable insights, explore career paths, and engage with industry leaders.

Calling Industry Professionals

Your expertise is invaluable. Mentor our members, share your experiences, and uncover fresh perspectives from the brightest university minds.

Your Gateway to Opportunity

Our society isn't just an extracurricular activity. It's your portal to innovation, learning, and a supportive community.

Benefits for Members

  1. Education
    • Immerse yourself in blockchain with our comprehensive educational resources.
  2. Academic Research Support
    • Leverage our support and resources for your blockchain-related academic research.
  3. Job Opportunities
    • Discover and explore various career paths in the burgeoning blockchain industry.
  4. Founder Support
    • Receive guidance and support if you're aspiring to be a blockchain entrepreneur.
  5. Networking Opportunities
    • Connect with a global network of blockchain professionals and enthusiasts.

Current Partnerships


Join us for a range of exciting events:

  1. Hackathons
    • Take part in hands-on Solana hackathons for a real-world blockchain experience.
  2. Blockchain Enterprise (guest speakers)
    • Gain insights into how blockchain is transforming businesses from industry experts.
  3. Deep Dive into DeFi and the Future of Finance
    • Understand the intricacies of decentralized finance and its impact on the financial world.
  4. Decentralization: An Ideology
    • Delve into the ideology behind decentralization and its transformative potential.


Core :

President: Sushan Bhojak

Vice President: Jonathan Bloch

Secretary: Scot Blunt

Tresurer : Satish Patil

Welfare Officer: Harsh Shah

Marketing Officer: Grace Wainwright


Advisory  Board: 

Trung Hieu Bui 

Sumant Singh 

Mentor :

Prof Dr. Zeynep Gürgüç


Blockchain Society Elections 2024 2025

Blockchain Elections 2024/2025 for Treasurer and President

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations open at 09:00 on Monday 18 March 2024 (in 15 days)

The polls open at 09:00 on Monday 25 March 2024 (in 3 weeks and 1 days)

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