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Change starts with your ideas. Use the form below to tell your elected students representatives how we can improve your time at University, the Students’ Union, or in the local community and they will work hard to make it happen. Any student can submit ideas, motions or lobby requests, it really depends on how involved you want to be in the process of change. The questions in the form below will help us understand what your idea is, and what you want us to do with your idea.

Submit an idea

Submitting an idea online is a quick and easy way to tell us your big (or small) ideas for improving your experience at Queen Mary.

Submit a motion

Submitting a motion goes to your elected representatives to vote on at the next Student Council, which happens around four times a year. If your motion is more specific you can submit it to a Subcommittee meeting who may have more knowledge in that area.

Submit a lobby request

If you want the Students’ Union to lobby the university, an external organisation or the government to do something then submit a lobby request.

I’m not sure!

If you're still not quite sure what your idea is, you're still welcome to use this form. In that case, we'll be in touch to help you figure out what the next steps are.

Tell us your ideas for change