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Did you know that the Students' Union is a registered charity? That means every penny of our profit goes to supporting Societies, Sports Clubs, welfare services and more.

To help you have the best University experience possible, we need your comments, suggestions and big (or little) ideas.

How does it work?

  1. Submit your BIG (or little) ideas online
    Do you have a great idea? Tell us how we can improve your time at University, make things easier or just make a difference and we’ll work to make it happen.Let us know whether your idea is about the Students' Union (for example you want a new microwave in the Hub), the University (for example you want more books in the library for your course) or the community (for example you want a farmers market on campus). You can choose to submit your idea anonymously.

  2. Gather support
    Your ideas will be posted online every monday and students will have the chance to vote or comment. Ideas will remain "live" for 2 weeks from the date of posting. If Ideas gather enough support (A minimum of 25 votes within 2 weeks) the idea will be reviewed by the Executive Committee. They will contact you to advise what the next steps should be. Every effort will be made to make them happen and updates on the progress of the idea will appear on this page. 

  3. See change happen
    It’s exciting to see things change for the better. You have the power and we’re here to listen.

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    Rest Zzzone(s)!

      We should have access to sleeping pods and/or comfortable reclining seats with leg rests in quite areas around campus. These would be ideal for power napping and for having a stress free time for tired students (especially commuting students who have no where to escape to between lectures and when having long study sessions...etc). Such rest zones are a staple in major airports (busy environments) and our uni should also adopt something similar just like other top unis did.
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