How to get involved with RAG

What is RAG?

Raise & Give or RAG covers all the Union's charity fundraising activity. It's all about raising money for good causes, whilst having fun. Our RAG groups based at Mile End and Whitechapel offer a range of challenges, events and activities throughout the year. 

How can I get involved?

1. Attend a RAG event

 The committee with be organising a bunch of fundraising activities this year from club nights to chilled film nights. There will be an event for everyone to attend and donate a little to the nominated RAG charities of the year. 

2. Fundraise as part of your Student Group

If you are a part of a Student Group, e.g. Society, Volunteering Group, Student Media Outlet or Sports Club, then why not organise an event with the rest of your group for either one of the nominated RAG charities or for your own charity of choice. Groups in the past have organised balls, performances, sold calendars, held bake sales and many other exciting events. 

3. Take part in RAG Week

The RAG Committee will be organising a range of events during an annual week dedicated to fundraising. In the past committees have organised a Blind Date, Karaoke nights and Jailbreak (how far can you hitchike in 36 hours)

How can I find out more information? 

You can email the RAG team at