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Do you want to develop your skills? Or do you want to learn how your experience from the Students’ Union can help you get the jobs you want when you graduate?

Then sign up to Skills Award now:


Skills Award is the Students’ Union’s employability training programme. You can take part in Skills Award if you hold a role of responsibility in the Students’ Union – that includes Course Reps, Community Volunteers, Student Media Heads and Editors and many other roles (you can check if you’re eligible here:


When you take part in Skills Award, you get access to free training that can help you in your role now and in your career after graduation. Training sessions include Mental Health Awareness, Volunteer Management, Leadership, Public Speaking, Consent, First Aid and many more.

Skills Award participants also get access to Careers Reflection Sessions, where we help you to understand the skills you’ve developed and how you can present your skills to employers.


If you complete a minimum of three training sessions and a reflection session, you’ll receive the Skills Award in recognition of your commitment to your personal and professional development.