Women's Football and Futsal Specialist Hub


We are proud to announce that Queen Mary University of London has been selected as a Women's Football and Futsal Specialist Hub for the 2018/19 academic year in partnership with BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) and The FA (Football Association).

In recognition of the Students’ Union’s demonstrated passion and commitment to developing women and girls’ football both internally and within the local community, we will receive additional support and guidance to enhance our offer.

This is now our 4th year as one of the 70 institutions on the FA University Grassroots Hubs programme and we join 18 other identified hubs as the only London-based representative at the forefront of developing women and girls’ football within the higher education sector.

“It is an absolute honour to be recognised for the work being done in women and girl’s football at Queen Mary. Growth in participation at both the performance and recreational level as well as the commitment to engaging with the local community has not gone unnoticed. This year we have a target of 274 unique individuals across workforce, internal and external delivery. However, one of our main targets is to drive the demand to form a Women’s Futsal Club” – Ashley Marshalleck, Students’ Union Community Sport Coordinator

“Being able to promote my favourite sport on campus is one of the most gratifying jobs I’ve held. Queen Mary being selected as a Women’s Football and Futsal Specialist Hub is a great achievement and huge step forward for our community- but it is just the beginning of the road. I’d like to see even more women get consistently involved in not just football, but sport in general. I think the most rewarding aspect of seeing women’s football develop at the Students’ Union is the moment a new girl shows up to one of our This Girl Can sessions and says, “I’ve never played football, is that okay? I just wanted to try it out.” Because that’s what it’s all about” – Aleksandra Kneifel, Women’s Football Development Officer  

You can read more about the Women’s Football and Futsal Specialist Hubs here: https://www.bucs.org.uk/news.asp?itemid=39588&itemTitle=Women%27s+Specialist+Hubs+Confirmed&section=8&sectionTitle=News%C2%A0