Big Green Survey 23 - What you want to see

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In April, through to July earlier this year, we asked you what you thought about sustainability and green initiatives on campus. That’s right, we launched our BIG Green Survey! Over 70 of you responded to share your thoughts, ideas and how you’ve levelled up your sustainability game on campus. Some of you even won re-usable water bottles, mugs and tote bags!


Recycling can be a tricky game to play, especially if different items are recycled in your home-town. Over 50% of you said you had either average or good knowledge when it comes to how to recycle like a boss. Over of 60% agreed that actions, like recycling and reducing food waste, are you personal responsibility – a great place to start making sustainable change! With 80% of you agreeing a workshop on recycling would be helpful, this is something we will develop, as well as clearer signage to help you on your recycling journey; keep your eyes pealed!


Everyone who responded gets the train, underground, cycles or walks to university! A lot of you asked for more cycle routes and better cycle storage. We’ve recently installed some great new storage, doubling as a bug hotel, found in library square. You can request access to this and our other pods on our sustainable travel page. Stuck on where to cycle? Check out our QMUL Student Cycle guide for helpful tips and tricks.  Some of you also attended our recent Recycle Your Cycle bike sale on campus – just another way we’re bringing cycling to you!

Levelling up!

So many of you have been levelling up your sustainability game this year! Volunteering to plant trees, attending upcycling events, starting conversations with family and friends, making product switches, and refusing to fly are just some of the amazing actions you’ve been taking. Did you know there are a number of ways you can get involved right here on Queen Mary Campus?

Next steps

So many positive moves have been made this year. There is always more to be done though, and 50% of you felt we could improve how we tackle climate change and social inequality. Other areas over 30% of you agreed we could do better on included: energy consumption, green spaces and biodiversity. This year we achieved “Very Good” for Green Impact Students’ Union GISU, an amazing achievement but lots of room for doing better. We will be working hard this year to identify development areas and get us up to excellent!  

Students are at the centre of what we do. We want to hear your feedback, ideas and views about what should be done so that we can keep levelling up our game and making sure we’re making clear sustainable change that will last. You can get in touch with:

As always, if you’ve got any questions at all, please do reach out to us.



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