Coronavirus – Your education

Since the start of the Covid-1 9 pandemic the Students’ Union has been working closely with the university to ensure decisions are made in the best interests of students.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the University took the decision to move teaching and learning online from 23rd March 2020. Since then, the Students’ Union has been working closely with the university to ensure developments are made in the best of interests of the student experience.  


What is QMSU doing? 
‘No detriment’  

Create and implement a policy regarding student award, progression and classification. The ‘No Detriment’ principles were communicated to students centrally by the university, and in greater detail via individual schools. The Students’ Union has received numerous queries/informal complaints regarding the university response to ‘no detriment’, we are continuously lobbying the university to address students’ concerns. For more information on the no detriment principles, please see the Queen Mary website (link: or get in touch with your school directly.  


Course Reps  

Course Reps are continuing to work extremely hard for you. In order to maintain quality standards whilst continuing to deliver education provision online. Our Executive Officers worked with the university to create guidance documents on remote SSLCs, which encouraged fortnightly online methods so that any issues could be raised and picked up efficiently. This guidance was circulated to the relevant university staff within schools.  

The Students’ Union also distributed further training on effective representation for course representative whilst operating online, emphasising the need to stay in communication with peers overseas and signposting for emerging issues. 

Together with the Head of QMAcademy and the Interim Head of E-Learning, we created a document outlining student expectations for online materials and level of support that was also circulated to course reps in order to help them within their role.  

To get in touch with your course rep or find out who they are, email:  


Careers and Employability 

Our Executive Officers have been in conversation with the Careers Department to discuss the possibility of increasing support for students who will be graduating in the year 2020, particularly due to the impact of the virus on the job market. The Students’ Union has been promoting their new campaign, #AdaptToSucceed which has tailored information, resources and services to help students develop their careers and build employability skills from home. 

Following conversations, the Careers Department have agreed to extend their offering to graduates to 3 years post-graduation. This will give graduates who are affected by the COVID-19 more time to utilise the resources and get ahead in their careers. More information will follow from the Careers Department.  


Next steps  

The Executive Officers continue to attend COVID-19 specific working groups within the university to represent the views of students.  

To get in touch with us, email:  


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