Financial Assistance Fund

Your Vice President Welfare Jack has begun working on a new project looking at the University’s Financial Assistance Fund.

Jack Juckes (Vice President Welfare) has begun working on a project looking at the University’s Financial Assistance Fund. He has spoken with students to get their feedback and experiences of the process, from application through to decisions and receiving funding. Whilst students were very appreciative of the financial support, there were difficulties with aspects of the process such as the application form, supplying required evidence, and the length of time parts of the process take.

Jack has met with Lesley Green (Academic Registrar) to learn more about how the fund and its processes are managed and how funding decisions are made, and had some constructive and promising discussions about implementing student feedback, and ensuring there is a feedback process for students going forward.

Jack will also be attending the weekly fund meetings to help award non-standard funding applications.

If you'd like to find out more about this project please contact Jack


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