4 key things to know about how the Elections work

We take you through the key information about the Elections, explain who RON is and let you know how to cast your vote

The Students’ Union runs Elections so you can choose who should be the next group of students to represent you and be your voice. Elected students help to improve the Queen Mary student experience, set the direction of the Students’ Union, decide on student policy and run campaigns and projects to improve students’ lives. They also lobby the University to ensure change happens on the things you care about.

Why vote?

All students can vote in this Election. This is your chance to choose who represents you. Elected representatives lead the Students’ Union, work with senior leaders in the University and try to improve the experience of all students, including you!

4 things to know

  • How to vote: View the candidates, read their statements and have a look at their manifesto that details their ideas and pledges. Once you’ve decided who to vote for, you can vote online on the Students' Union website.

  • Read the manifestos: Each candidate has had the opportunity to submit a 50-word statement to tell you why you should vote for them. They can also submit a full manifesto which tell you their full intentions if they are elected for the role.

  • Who is RON?: No, it's not Ron Weasley. All positions include the Re-Open Nominations option (RON), which allows you to choose none of the candidates and instead vote for the elections process to restart

  • The voting system: We use a voting system called the “Instant Runoff Vote (IRV)”. You’ll be asked to select the candidates in order of preference. You can “tap” or “click” on the preferred candidates in the order you want to rank them and the website / app will number them automatically for you. You can select candidates until there are no candidates left or you no longer want to rank them.


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