Top 5 Reasons to Run for Election

Check out some of the great reasons you should put yourself up for election this year!

Nominations for the Students' Union elections are now open! Your Students' Union is run by students for students so we run elections so you can choose who should represent you and be your voice.

There are lots of roles you can nominate yourself for including full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions. Being a rep really is a great experience. We hear from lots of past officers that they wish they could do it all over again, or that the skills they gained from the role really helped them to get to where they are today. 

Elected rep roles, or even just running in the Elections, will give you new skills and improve your CV, essentially it will make you more employable and you’ll stand out from the crowd when the time comes to apply for jobs or further education. You will be given the opportunity to lead the Students' Union, set its direction, decide on student policy and run exciting campaigns and projects to improve the student experience. For a full list of the positions available, click here.

By both nominating and then being an elected representative you will get a wide range of benefits including;

Make a difference

By representing students you’ll make a difference in their experience and help to make Queen Mary better for everyone!

Transferable employability skills

You'll be able to develop and gain new skills in the role, all roles will provide great examples of skills for your CV! You'll also build your confidence!

Improve your self-confidence

You'd be able to talk to dozens of students and become an expert on students views. You can have a chance at presenting your views and opinions and raising them in what can sometimes be a formal environment which is a great achievement.

Develop your networks and meet new people

You will meet new and interesting people and work with different people from our diverse community of students, student reps and staff. You'll also get to work with other students, officers like you and universities from up and down the country!

As an Executive Officer, you'll also regularly work with the senior management team in both the University and Students' Union, giving you experience of leadership, working with others, networking and a real insight into what it takes to run an organisation

A long list of achievements

When it’s all over you’ll get to look back at everything you achieved, the changes you made and the campaigns and projects you created. You’ll be able to use these as examples in future job applications and interviews.

Earn £27,000+

Full-time Executive Officer roles are paid £27,000+ for their year in office, so if you’re graduating this year it is a great role to start! Even if you’re not graduating this year you can still run to be a full-time Executive Officer by taking a year out from your studies!

What former Executive Officers say;

But these are just some of the benefits. We asked some former Executive Officers why you should nominate yourself for election. Here are the top 5 reasons according to those who have done it themselves:

  1. You feel passionate about making a change

Being part of leading the Students’ Union means that you will be at the forefront of making changes at your university. Is there something you wish was different at Queen Mary? Or have you seen something positive you think should expand or continue? No matter how big (or small!) your ideas are you will be in a special position where you have the chance to make it happen! You can be the change. 

        2. Excellent work experience that can be applied to a number of sectors

Running your own campaigns, events and activities is a fantastic way to prove your initiative, resourcefulness and creativity to a future employer. You are supported to fulfil your ideas and take responsibility for your own projects, allowing you to stand out from the crowd and develop skills highly desirable to employers. As a full-time elected officer, you will have a range of unique experiences as you lead the Students' Union, set its direction and at the forefront of the decision making. 

        3. You will be paid for your time

Our full-time positions are paid (an Executive Officer earns a salary of £27,000+), meaning that unlike many unpaid internships, your hard work and commitment will be financed. In addition, you'll be able to access other benefits such as free gym membership and 20% off in our Union outlets. 

        4. Meet new people and expand your social circle

Becoming an elected Officer is a great way to meet other students across your university, from Officers and members of the Student Council to the student body, who will come to you with initiatives and ideas. It is also a great way to network with influential people across a variety of sectors, both outside and within higher education, policy and research.

         5. Gain a better insight into what the Union does

Becoming involved in the Students’ Union will allow you to gain an invaluable insight into what we do: our impact, our aims and how we achieve them. You will also gain the satisfaction of being an integral part of our mission to improve students’ lives.

For a step by step guide on how to apply, click here.

Nominations close at 12pm on 8th February 2022. If you would like an informal meeting about running in the nominations please contact Alternatively, if you know someone who you think would make a great officer why not Refer a Friend here


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