Guest Blog: Support

Hear from Cherloria, Politics Graduate (2003) about studying as a disabled student at Queen Mary.

Politics Graduate, 2003

Starting university is hard for anyone, let alone, starting university with a disability. The obstacles start early, you may love a course that a particular university does, or you may love the surroundings, the campus- as it reminds you of American universities, you have seen in numerous movies, but for me and many other students, that can never be the only consideration. For me it was how long will it take me to get to university and back from hospital, will they be understanding that I need to live on campus and I need a particular type of room. This meant round after round of university visits. Until finally we come to QMW as it was. And what finally won me over, it was nothing to do with the place really, though the campus was nice (much nicer now), it was the people. From the disability adviser, who made getting funding for books easy, sorting out, access to different libraries so I wouldn’t have to physically go and collect books. To teams in both politics and law departments (I switched) who couldn’t have been any more helpful. The lecturers who wouldn’t accept any excuses, but was the thing I needed to hear to be my best self. As it made me realise when I was trying to take the easy way out, just because it might hard. But as they say you learn as much from your failures as you do your successes. And it made me appreciate myself more and focus not on what doesn’t work but what does, and to appreciate that life may have its obstacles but being here taught me that I already have the tools to overcome, though it was a lesson that took a few years to learn.


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