Should students donate unwanted items?

Date embedded: February 2020

Date embedded: February 2020

Proposed by: John Mark Legaspi 
Seconded by: Harangad Kalra 



What do you want? 

Last semester, there was a worrying number of items that were thrown away in the bins by primarily exchange students. These items included duvets, pots, cutlery, pillows, food items, etc. that could have been given to charity. I wish to implement a scheme to reduce waste by donating these items to charities.   


Why do you want it? 

By implementing this scheme, we can provide more support to our local charities and reduce environmental waste. I also think this will benefit the students as they will become more aware of the waste produced and perhaps rethink the impact they have on the world. 


What impact will this have? 

I believe this will have a positive impact on local awareness of reducing waste as well as possibly introducing our idea to other universities in the UK, and eventually on a global scale. 


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