Top tips to get through the cost of living crisis

With the evening darkness setting in at 4pm now, more than ever does the Cost of Living crisis truly feel like a crisis. Here are some top tip from your Students' Union President.

With the evening darkness setting in at 4pm now, more than ever does the Cost of Living crisis truly feel like a crisis. Even before Cost of Living became a daily used phrase, students were stereotyped as cash-strapped but were, and still are, really struggling. While systematic changes often take a while (for example we have managed to work with the university to increase the financial assistance fund by 30%!) we still wanted to provide support in the form of tips to hopefully help ease the crisis.


The Financial Assistance Fund

In a recent survey, only 8% knew where to access financial support. We hope to remove these barriers, letting you know what services are available and how to access them. For example, as mentioned, the university have a specific fund which offers non-repayable support that can help you if you are having financial difficulties during your degree. This is open to ALL current students studying in London-based campuses. Find out more here

It is also important to note, we understand often there are internal dialogues and even some societal stigma on receiving funding or getting financial help; we want to try to combat that. You don’t need to be at breaking point to ask for help – being a student in this climate is difficult in and of itself, and assistance is there for you to use.


Make use of the Campus

We have facilities across Mile end and Whitechapel. If you want a warm place to hang out come to the Hub on Mile End or to BLSA in Whitechapel. These have Eduroam Wi-Fi and are open on weekdays. We also have a free microwave in the hub for students to use. As well as free charging ports to charge, phones, tablets etc dotted around.

If you want to use the campus but don’t have access to a computer, the library has desktops you can use, as well as a free laptop loan service. For more information head here.

For a full list of free campus resources, click here.


Cheaper Travel

If you’re spending a lot of your time travelling alongside making use of the campus, getting cheaper journeys would obviously be a help. Did you know your Railcard can work on your oyster card? Go to a Tube station and ask for your railcard to be put on your oyster card for discounted fares. You can also get a Student Oyster card which provides discounts on travel cards!


92% of students have said the Cost of Living crisis has had a negative impact on their mental health

When we have financial pressures, they can have a negative impact on our mental health. Imagine your stress is a bucket - doing stuff such as exercise, seeing friends or even having a good night's sleep can help to empty this stress container. However - financial pressures, worry, and lack of sleep can all add more to the bucket. Keeping in mind this analogy, your bucket doesn’t need to be overflowing in order to seek help.

The ACS offer counselling, money advice (such as budgeting, loans etc) and more, click here.

We also have an internal Students' Union run academic advice service for advice on Extenuating Circumstances or any other academic issues, find out more here.


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