10 Reasons to Nominate Yourself


Nominations for the Students’ Union Elections are now open! Your Students’ Union is run by students for students, and elections are your opportunity to choose who you think should represent you.

There are lots of roles you can nominate yourself for, including full-time paid positions and part-time voluntary positions. These positions will give you a unique opportunity to lead the Students’ Union, set its direction, decide on student policies and to run exciting campaigns and projects that you think will improve the experience of all students at Queen Mary.

By nominating yourself, running for election and then becoming an elected representative, you will get a wide range of benefits including:

1. A unique and exciting experience
Many of our representatives have said it’s an experience like no other. You can be in the unique position where you set the direction of and lead a large organisation, whilst being invited to participate in a range of activities, events, opportunities and meetings that will give you a range of experiences that will make your experiences stand out

2. Shape your University and Students’ Union
You will be able to have a direct say in how your Students’ Union is run, as well as being able to play a prominent role in improving the student experience.

3. Transferable skills
You’ll be able to develop and gain new skills in the role, and all roles will include a range of skills that will look great on your CV!

4. Improve your self-confidence
You’ll meet lots of new people and will talk to hundreds of students throughout the elections period, becoming an expert on students’ views. You’ll have the opportunity to present your views and opinions, in both formal and informal environments.

5. Developing new networks
You’ll get to meet new and interesting people, attend training and conferences, where you’ll be able to meet others like you from other Students’ Unions from across the country. There is no other opportunity that offers such unique opportunities to network with others.

6. You’ll be paid for your time
Our full-time Executive Officer positions are paid (£26,000), meaning that, unlike many unpaid internships, your hard work and commitment will be financed. In addition, you’ll be able to access free Qmotion gym membership and 20% off in all our Students’ Union outlets.

7. Gain a better insight into what the Union does
Becoming involved in the Students’ Union will allow you to gain an invaluable insight into what we do: our impact, our aims and how we achieve them.

We also had a chat to some of our current representatives and they said:

8. “Running is great, it keeps you fit and is immensely beneficial for your health. Almost anybody can run and you don't need to have experience, you just need to be passionate and really want to make a change. I was very glad to be elected. Not only was it a great sense of accomplishment but as soon as we started, we really hit the ground running (which, as we know, is very good for you) and learnt a lot of new skills. I think all of us got thrown in the deep end but that's great, as everyone knows swimming is even better for you than running.”

9. “I almost withdrew my nomination. One of the reasons why I am glad that I did not is that, as a student who really wanted to see some things changed at a Union and University level, I needed to be the one to step forward and do it.  I believed I could bring a different perspective and experience. Each student has different ideas that they can bring forward to improve the student experience and I’m glad I was elected as I have already been able to implement the change that I wanted to see. As a black woman, I am continuing to change the perceptions surrounding race and issues around students who look like me. Initiatives that I was involved in (Course Rep programme), is undergoing positive change that has come about from my experience as a course rep, and, as an Executive Officer, you can have your say and improve the student experience, making it better for each cohort of students!”

10. “It’s a great opportunity to lead an organisation so early on in your own career.  I am glad I got elected because I have not only been able to see changes that I wanted to set out to achieve last year, but also in myself as well!”

For a step by step guide on how to apply, click here.

Nominations close at 4pm on 13th February 2018. If you would like an informal meeting about running in the elections, please contact su-elections@qmul.ac.uk.