A statement from your Students' Union

The Students’ Union is aware of the serious concerns and allegations of sexual violence and harassment that have been raised on social media by Queen Mary students. We take all allegations of sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and hate crime extremely seriously. We are committed to supporting survivors of all forms of violence and working toward the creation of processes that are fair, supportive and trauma-informed.

We have notified the University about this and have offered the Students’ Union’s support in assisting them with any investigation. The University is currently considering the matters raised, and we have offered our help to ensure that all students are supported throughout this process. We have also reached out to some of our students and student groups as we understand the bravery and difficulty people face when coming forward. Whilst this work is ongoing we are unable to comment on the specific incidents that have been raised via social media. 


We know the content being shared on social media may have affected students and we would encourage anyone to reach out for support if they are in need. Here are some of the support services available to students, including external and specialist services. In an emergency, you can call 999 and there is an option for silent support if talking will put you in danger. 

  • Report and Support - You can report an experience of sexual and gender-based violence, harassment or hate crime using the University's Report and Support platform. You can report anonymously or, if you would like there to be an investigation, you can report by filling in the form with your contact details. You can also request support from a Welfare Adviser. The website also provides detailed information about support for all forms of violence, including sexual violence and sexual harassment.
    If you are thinking about making a report to the University and would like support, the Students' Union Academic Advice Service is a free, independent and confidential service that offers advice and advocacy support to all students. They can explain the process of making a report and support you to do so.
  • Zero Tolerance - You can find information about support for forms of sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and hate crime as part of our Zero Tolerance campaign.
  • The Havens - The Havens are specialist centres for people who have been raped or sexually assaulted in the past 12 months. They are located in Whitechapel and other London locations and offer confidential medical and emotional support services. www.thehavens.org.uk
  • Victim Support - A charity providing free, confidential support to people who have experienced a crime or traumatic event, whether or not they have reported it. https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/
  • Rape Crisis - Rape Crisis Centres are located around the UK and provide specialist support and service to women and girls who have experienced sexual violence. https://rapecrisis.org.uk/get-help/find-a-rape-crisis-centre/ 
  • Galop - Galop provides confidential and independent advice and support for LGBT+ people who have experienced sexual violence, abuse or hate crime.
  • The Mix - Charity providing support for young people through a free, confidential helpline and counselling service. https://www.themix.org.uk/ 

As a Students’ Union we recognise that there is significant work to be done to challenge all forms of sexual and gender-based violence, harassment and hate crime at Queen Mary. We know that students have concerns with the current reporting and investigation processes and want to see changes. We also recognise that students do not feel their reports are taken seriously enough. We are committed to addressing these issues and will continue working with the University to take action so that all students can feel confident in their reporting processes.

We will be releasing a further update to all students next week about the actions we will take as a Students’ Union to address the concerns raised. We commit to working with student representatives and any students who are willing to share their experience with us in order to develop our action plan. In the meantime, we encourage all students to get in touch with us if they have any feedback, questions or further concerns that they would like to discuss. Please contact su-studentsunion@qmul.ac.uk or one of the Executive Officers.