Avoid Fake Freshers' Groups

Avoid Fake Freshers’ Facebook Groups!

Over the last few years, a few unofficial Freshers’ Facebook pages have been set up to advertise fake or unofficial Freshers’ events in and around London. This can put students at risk of losing money and missing out on official events programmes attended by thousands of Queen Mary students. Last year, The Guardian released an article highlighting the downfalls and dangers of joining fake or unofficial Facebook groups, which you can read here.

Facebook is a great way of meeting prospective new coursemates, friends and flatmates, but beware of the numerous fake Queen Mary groups being set up on social media. Either scammers or genuine events promoters often set up these pages, but groups are not moderated by the Students’ Union and can be targeted by fake accounts trying to sell tickets to events that are not actually organised or affiliated with Queen Mary. In some cases, these groups can sell tickets to official or real events, but at inflated rates, so scammers can profit from new students.

We work hard to ensure there is a huge range of events for you to enjoy during the Welcome and Freshers’ period. Our events will range from alcohol-free daytime events, quiz nights, club nights and even a boat ball, and all tickets can be bought through our website! We run an official Freshers’ group on Facebook here, and we have created new Facebook groups for each of our Halls of Residence, which you can find listed here.

Always check to see if the ticketing website you are ordering from is trustworthy. Never give out your personal data if you are unsure.

Never post details of your address in groups where you don't know people- you don't know how this information can be used!