Buddy Scheme Relaunches #3

Portrait of a Mentee: Agha

Name: Agha

Degree: BSc Mathematics with Actuarial Science

Year: 2nd

From: London/Pakistan

What made you choose QMUL?

I was really keen on my course and this was one of the few places that offered it. I also love the fact that it is campus based – even though I live at home at the moment, I am considering moving closer to university in my third year as the campus seems ideal for intense revision. The fact that it’s part of the Russell Group was another factor, as well.

What made you decide to become a mentor?

I love the idea that, through something as simple as sharing my experience and knowledge, I can help out new students. The feeling that you actually contributed to someone’s personal development is amazing!

What is the best thing about having a mentee?

I guess the satisfaction of knowing that you helped someone out, you helped them grow and you can see how much they change over the course of a semester.

How do you see your relationship with your mentee in the future?

We will definitely keep in touch! We both work as ambassadors for our school so we see each other quite often. Moreover, I am considering applying for a placement year, so I might end up in the same year of study as my mentee.

What advice would you give a buddy pair?

I think the most important piece of advice that I could give a mentor is to make sure that they assess their mentee’s expectations from the very first day and explain any boundaries that come with their role. Moving forward, I believe that, in order for them to be successful as mentors, they need to really make an effort to engage with their buddies and show that they care about what’s happening with them. For the mentee, I would say try your best to communicate with your mentor throughout the year – this relationship works best when both sides are willing to get involved.

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