Don't Fill in the NSS!

Don't fill in the NSS

National Student Survey

As you will probably be aware, QMSU is currently advocating that students do not respond to the National Student Survey (NSS). We are not the only Students’ Union to do this this, joining 22 other unions around the country including Oxford, KCL, Reading and Cambridge.

Government reforms to Higher Education under the proposed Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) could mean that universities will be able to raise their fees based upon responses given by students to the NSS.

There are many alternative ways to submit feedback about your course at Queen Mary, through course and module evaluations, questionnaires, University and Union surveys and through QMSU’s ideas page, which can be found here. By not responding to the NSS, you are therefore by no means forfeiting your chance to have your say on how QMUL operates and how your course is run.

Earlier this month, the House of Lords passed an amendment to cut ties between TEF and university fees, which was seen by many to be a major defeat for the Government. Whilst the vote will now go back to the House of Commons to be voted on again, a clear message has been sent that there is little confidence in the proposals.

However, this does not mean the campaign against TEF and the NSS is over. The House of Commons still has the chance to overrule the decision made in the House of Lords, meaning there is still a chance these proposals could become law.

Universities can only use the findings of the NSS to raise fees if more than 50% of students at that institution fill in the survey. It is therefore vital that the campaign continues to ensure students do respond!

If you have already answered the survey- not to worry! You are able to retract any answers you provided to the survey by sending an email clearly stating your student number requesting the retraction of your answers and information to Alternatively, the NUS have a handy form to fill in to automatically generate a response. You can find it here

Our wonderful Sabbs have also created a great parody video- watch it here.

To find out more information about our NSS campaign and for FAQs, click here.