Executive Officer Profile: Megan and Annika

This week, many of our first year students will be starting their first week of lectures! Whilst we know this can be incredibly excitng, we also acknowlege that it can be an incredibly stressful and diorientating time for students. We decided to sit down with our Executive Officers and interview them about their experiences of being a new students here at Queen Mary. 

Today, we have our Vice President Barts and The London, Megan Annetts, and our Vice President Education, Annika Ramos, who have both had very different journeys whilst studying here at Queen Mary.

Megan Annetts - VP Barts and The London

Megan is currently studying Medicine at Barts and The London, where she previously intercalated in Pre-Hospital Medicine. During her time at BL, Meg lived in halls for her first year; 

Describe your experience in Halls in 3 words?

Hilarious, community and friendly

Whats your favourite memory from living in Halls?

Our flat dinner at the end of term one, we invited a number of friends on different floors and had a big roast meal using multiple kitchens and ovens. Everything was a bit luke warm but it tasted delicious and was lots of fun.

What would be your advice to students who are moving into halls this weekend?

It is a bit nerve-wracking but everyone is in the same boat, best tip is to keep your door open when you unpack and once you have finished emptying your bags head to the kitchen to meet your new flatmates. Maybe grab some snacks to offer round to your new friends!

Annika Ramos - VP Education

Annika started off her time at Queen Mary on the Science and Engineering Foundation programme, before carryiong on and completing her BSc in Pharmacuitcal Chemistry earlier this year!

Describe your experience as a Foundation student in 3 words?

Exciting, Liberating and Inspiring.

What are the best ways for Foundation students to engage with the Students’ Union and how did this make your experience better?

I looked at getting a job within the SU and joining the academic society for the course I was meant to start after foundation year.

The job enabled me to meet lots of people from different years and courses, as well as earn good money (london living wage!) which helped me to budget for the next few years.

Joining the society helped me to meet people from the course and helped me to really decide if it was something I wanted to do for the next 3 years. I ended up changing courses after meeting people who told me more about the variety of courses available as I found something else which interested me more.

What would be your advice to students starting on a Foundation course this September?

This is essentially your taster year, so there’s extra time to think about things that will become so important when you start your actual degree. It’s okay if you didn’t manage to find friends or join a society, these opportunities will be open to you throughout your whole time here, so no pressure!