Executive Officer Updates


The Green Mary Market ran on the 13th of March on our Mile End campus. It saw several stakeholders take part by having stalls out promoting sustainable living. Its aim was to act as a central campus community point for sustainability. Around 250 people attended and many completed feedback survey stating they would attend another Green Mary Market! The Green Mary Group also helped and it was great to see sustainability being addressed in a way that serves our community.

Another key achievement this year has been the launch of our Zero Tolerance campaign during Merger Cup. Its aim is to tackle all forms of sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying and I look forward to seeing this work continue over the rest of the year and into the start of the new academic year. We have started by raising awareness of the campaign with a number of photos from students/staff discussing what shouldn’t be tolerated. This ranges from explicit remarks to more insidious comments and micro aggressions that are prevalent in society.  We hope to link our webpage soon with an online reporting tool system and start with a pledge section as well.

The Nest (yes, NOT the Hive) has been refurbished and students are now free to use the space as a study space/informal chill area. It has been designed to ensure that students can study but in a less stressful environment and can facilitate group discussions/projects. We have seen already an increase in students using the space and it recently hosted its first Jum’uah (Friday Prayers).

We also held our Annual Students Meeting (ASM) last semester, which saw a record turnout of students attending and saw a number of different motions voted upon. We also were able to ratify our Articles of Association and finally get rid of that comma in our name! Thanks to all those attending and I look forward to rolling out the motions that were approved.


Hi there, hope this update meets you well! Here are some of the things that I have been getting up to this semester.

Course Reps
I have been working incredibly hard with your fellow Course Reps to create change across schools at Queen Mary. Meeting with heads of schools and individual students to improve the experience of students at Queen Mary. This year we have seen an increased involvement from Course Reps across our postgraduate programmes at Queen Mary. It has been great working with both our undergraduates and postgraduates to improve the student experience at QMUL.

This academic year I hosted the Education Awards at Drapers Hall on 26th March. It was a phenomenal night and I want to say a big thank you to all the staff at QMSU who helped make sure the evening ran smoothly!

Education Zone
Education Zone have been heavily involved in supporting my work this year! You might have noticed the installation of laptops in the Mile End and Whitechapel libraries. Our Part-time Officers were involved in testing out the laptops and contributed to the discussion on the loan payments & times. Alongside their contributions, I was able to work the university to see this project through.

Queen Mary Exhibits
This semester the QMSU Exhibits went up over at BLSA. We also had the exhibits continue at QMSU with the Asian Heritage Month exhibit run by your VP Welfare and the Women’s Week exhibit organised by our Women’s reps. Email me with your thoughts and have your say on what is featured next!

Study Well
Study Well is back and I have been working with our VP Welfare to make sure that it’s back better than ever! This year we added study skills sessions to provide extra academic support for you.

Postgraduate Campaign
We will soon be launching a postgraduate campaign! This is a project I have been working with our Postgraduate Reps across Mile End and Barts and The London and it will include roundtable discussions, socials & a website change. I am very excited for this and I hope it’ll take us one step further to increase engagement with our Postgraduate Taught & Postgraduate Research students.


Hi everyone, it’s been great to serve as your VP Welfare so I just want to thank everyone who’s been there at my low points and my high points. This year we organised the first ever Islamophobia Awareness Month at Queen Mary and the first Asian Heritage Month in the whole country! This year, we’ve also had the most Postgraduate and International student-focused events ever, and we even have a new International Society being established! These achievements are just to name a few of the great things we’ve accomplished this year.

I’m also happy to announce that in recent months I’ve managed to lobby for a huge £20k to be provided for the Graduation Assistance Fund. The Graduation Assistance Fund is available for students who would struggle to meet the costs of their graduation caps and gowns. I firmly believe that graduation should be a right that everyone is able enjoy.

I am also happy to say that we are running a survey on mental health, which you can fill out here. This will allow us to find out whether mental health support at Queen Mary is accessible and suitable for our diverse membership. I have been fighting and will continue to fight for adequate services for our students, so please do fill in the survey to make sure your voices are heard.

I’m looking forward to being your President next year! #BaldIsGold


Barts and The London Day was a cornerstone success of our second semester, a novel celebration of our proud history at BL. Off the back of this success, we have received £2,500 funding towards celebrating the heritage and community of Barts and The London, potentially rising to a long-term investment in a £20K project in the lead-up to the 900th anniversary of the St Bartholomew's Hospital.

We have successfully campaigned for all rooms in Dawson Hall to remain as accommodation for students. Two years ago, six bedrooms were lost to Genomics England, and there were threats of a further 36 rooms being removed. However, for 2018/19, all of the Dawson Hall rooms will remain open for SMD students.

Our students in Malta visited London for their SSC, and this provided the perfect opportunity to catch up and enjoy a meal in The Griff Inn. We hope to go into next year with a host of activities and events available for the Gozo Society.

With both our medical and dental finalists now knowing their results, we look forward to graduation events run by the Students' Association, including Graduation Dinner and Rites of Passage. This year, for the first time, we will be operating a hardship fund to allow students from lower income backgrounds to attend these events, thanks to the generous support of the Alumni Association.

Establishing a conference partnership between the Students' Association and the medical school, which will help provide contacts and small funding towards our societies in the running of national undergraduate conferences.

The BLSA will be leading on two projects of investment into the BLSA Building, and the Junior Common Room, in the Garrod Building. We will welcome student opinions on what is necessary as we move forward, and hope most of the work will be completed over the summer break.