Improving Safety at our Whitechapel Campus

The Garrod Building at night, lit up with the new streetlights


This year as part of my work on the Going for Gold Project, I’ve been working with the Estates Team at QMUL to make the Whitechapel campus safer and more secure for students who work in and on it.



New LED lights outside Garrod building

The Garrod Building at night, lit up with the new streetlights

Following a student council motion last October to work to improve lighting on the Whitechapel campus, QMUL have installed LED street lights outside the Garrod Building. We also lobbied local authorities for improved lighting opposite the Garrod Building and along Stepney Way.  We now feel more confident that students feel enlightened not just while studying in the building, but on the street outside it too!


Cycle Safety

Cycle safety is also an issue very close to my heart and so I have been working with estates to make plans for the installation of secure cycle storage units on all of our campuses. Cycle thefts have been a persistent problem on the Whitechapel Campus, particularly outside the Whitechapel Library, where people could climb over the fence, cut a bike or two loose and walk out of the bike park by opening the unlocked door (using the exit push button). No longer:


Tom pointing at a card reader marked “Card Exit”

(It’s a card exit for the bike area!)

We now have a card scanner on both the entrance and exit of the bike park, making it much more difficult for thefts to take place.

Just another example of how BLSA and QMSU as a whole works to light up your life, and keep you from flying off the chain.

If you have any more thoughts on how we can make our campuses safer, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Tom) at









Tom Longbottom, your VPBL, blinking in front of the Whitechapel Library bike area


The reason we did this was because students wrote, submitted and passed this idea in Student Council. If you have any bright ideas about how QMSU or BLSA could improve your life as a student, why not submit an idea online or at Student Council? Contact any of the Executive Team and we can help you write a motion.