Meet your Societies Officer: Adnan Hassan

Meet your Mile End Societies Officer, Adnan! This week he is running Careers Week to provide students with an insight into careers and how to stand out in the application process.

What made you want to run for Societies Officer?

When I was President of the Somali Society last year, I quickly discovered the great work Societies do. Societies are more than just a social space for students – whilst this contributes a huge part to student satisfaction, and something that should be celebrated by the Students’ Union and all student groups, Societies offer much more. Societies provide their members an opportunity to be themselves, to feel empowered and provide a chance to gain the soft skills that a University degree alone may not provide. I became Societies Officer to channel the amazing work Societies do – Careers Week is a great opportunity to highlight this. 

What do you hope to achieve this year?

Apart from earning a first class for my final year, which will be difficult, I hope to continue my work as Societies Officer this semester onto the next. The Students’ Union Societies team have delivered some great improvements in student group training, and we have seen a large number of new society affiliations - there are some great new societies

I personally hope that my Careers Week campaign is successful and can happen each year. I also hope that Veda’s (Barts and The London Societies Officer) amazing work at Barts is successful. I’d really just like to look back at time as Societies Officer in July and say “it was a tough year, but it was worth it!”

Could you tell us a bit more about your Careers Week and why you decided to run it?

Careers Week is a largely Society-led campaign focussed on providing students with an insight in to careers, as well as what makes you stand out during the application process. Many students apply for internships and grad schemes blindly without considering how to actually approach it, so this week aims to show students how to actually apply. It is also a chance for students to network with industry professionals from large companies and hear their journeys, this also shows how a society can empower it’s members.

Other events during the week include CV/Interview workshops, mock assessment centres and networking events. At the moment it is just a Careers “week” but maybe in the future it can turn in to a Careers “month” with societies all over campus taking full control of the campaign.

What would your advice be to someone who is unsure about joining a society?

You can never have too many friends! University is all about meeting amazing lifelong friends and making the most out of your 3-6 years in Higher Education. Take the step, join a Society, join a committee and become a better you!

What do you enjoy doing in your free time

I watch Football A LOT! I’m a huge Man Utd supporter and I am over the moon that we beat Juventus during the week (Manchester United scored 2 goals in the last 5 minutes to beat Juventus in the Champions League). I also love photography and videography. I learned how to use a camera just last year and developed my editing skills, now I make videos whenever I feel bored. My course lacks any sort of creativity (Chemistry) its as sciency as science gets, I think having a creative side to your personality is important.

If you could take 1 song, 1 luxury item and 1 book to a desert island, what would it be?

I’d take;

Song: Unknown T – Homerton B

Luxury Item – a Yacht, so I can get away from the Island!

Book – A copy of an English translated Quran