No-Detriment Policy 2021

I hope you are doing your best to keep well during these difficult times. Following on from the Prime Minister’s announcement of a third national lockdown on Monday 4th January we can completely understand the panic and frustration felt by you all and the concern surrounding your academic experience. I was once again disappointed at the lack of collective agency the government displayed regarding the support for university students’ throughout the pandemic. University students’, quite frankly, deserve more than being just an afterthought.

As a Students’ Union it is our duty to represent your needs and offer guidance with any issues you may be facing. This statement, therefore, is in regards to the no-detriment policy which I know a number of students’ have been concerned about.

We wanted to reassure you that we have been pushing and liaising with schools across each faculty to reintroduce the no-detriment policy since August 2020. We hope that the initiative students’ have taken to create their own campaigns and contact their reps will further amplify the need for this policy and accelerate the process to achieve our collective end goal. Please do continue to campaign and make your voice heard by providing feedback to your elected reps.

Discussions are taking place throughout the university and we will endeavour to keep you up to date with these conversations over the coming days and weeks. We greatly understand the need for the no-detriment policy and wanted to thank you for all the feedback we have received so far. The pandemic has caused exceptional circumstances for all students’ and should not be compared to the years in which experiences have been somewhat ‘normal’. We have and will be working our hardest to ensure we are accommodating to your needs and we pledge to attain the best agreement possible to bring back the no-detriment policy. However, it is ultimately only the University who can and need to implement a new no-detriment policy.

In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact your fellow Exec Team. Your voices are our prerogative.

Keep well.

Aphrodite Murray-Liddington on behalf of the Executive Officer Team.

For further information regarding Students’ Union activities and services during the national lockdown please see our update here.


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