Our Green Heroes

Every year the Students' Union sets up a student group with focus on sustainability: the Green Mary Group, the aim of which is to work together to improve and tackle sustainability issues on campus. 

Green Mary volunteers have been greatly involved in all the Students’ Union sustainability-related projects: from running the so called Green Mary markets, to inventorying donations and running your so-loved Reuse scheme, the Green Mary group has played a very important part in delivering your Union’s key sustainability projects.

But also, this academic year the group has also run the Plastic Purge, Green Mary’s new awareness campaign to reduce single-use plastic usage on campus and has been involved in a numerous of other clean up events, such as the Canal clean-ups and the Big Clean up 6th.

The Green Mary volunteers have shown great passion and commitment and have gone above and beyond to raise awareness and encourage behaviour change among our students community. For this reason, this year we have created a new monthly award: Green Hero of the month, with the aim to recognise their efforts and contribution within the group.


Here are some of the Greenies who received the award:


Lizzie Hunter

“I have been a member of Green Mary for the last two years and I have loved being able to do my bit to help make Queen Mary more sustainable. Now is the time to be working with other students to take action on climate change in every way we can. Being environmentally conscious it’s way easier than you think; by thinking more about your everyday actions and being involved with your local community you can make a difference!”



Sara Zontone

“I decided to get involved with Green Mary because it encourages me to be more aware of the problems the planet is facing and allows me to take part in all kinds of events which in turn gives me the opportunity to inform and inspire others. To me, when it comes to being green, the little things are what's really important, from using reusable cups to being more mindful when it comes to recycling.” 




Sameera Riani

“I am involved with Green Mary because I want to inform and encourage others to become more sustainable. Sustainability is important to me because we are already seeing the negative impact of climate change. For example, extreme weather conditions recently and rising sea levels. I would like to encourage students to reduce their meat intake as it is inefficient. Meat consumption adversely impacts the planet by contributing towards deforestation and global warming.”