Pride Profile: Katrina Fuller

As part of Pride Month, we've been speaking to Katrina Fuller, your incoming Mile End LGBT+ Representative to get her thoughts on pride.


This month, we’ve been speaking to a few of your student representatives to get their thoughts on pride! 

Katrina Fuller, Incoming LGBT+ Rep (Mile End) 


What does Pride mean to you? 

More than anything it is about being free to be me, express myself and not being ashamed of who I am. It’s helped me to find who I am, accept myself and now I am prouder than ever before! Of course, it’s also about having fun and celebrating each other! 


Who is one of your LGBTQ+ role models and why? 

Lady Gaga has always been an advocate of LGBTQ+ rights, so growing up she was probably one of my most prominent and well-known LGBTQ+ role models. In 2012, she co-founded the Born This Way Foundation which supports youth mental health, aims to eliminate the stigma of mental health, promotes kindness and prevents bullying. All of which are really close to my heart, just as they are to her. I would love to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and mental health, to create a kinder world. Not forgetting her music, of course, I have never walked into a gay club where her music wasn’t playing.  


Why did you decide to run for LGBT+ rep? 

I joined the LGBT+ Society this year, so events have looked a little different, but I felt so welcome. I decided to run for LGBT+ Rep, seeing it as an opportunity to celebrate and support our LGBT+ community at Queen Mary. I hope it’s a chance to come together, support each other, have fun and have a positive impact on the LGBT+ experience at Queen Mary. 


What advice would you have for any incoming LGBT+ people who are starting at Queen Mary or Barts and The London in September? 

Join the LGBT+ Society! For me, it was a safe place where I felt welcomed, which is so important when moving to a new place or being new at university. Make sure to look out for LGBT+ History Month as well, other societies during this time might also have events that will interest you! 


Finally, how will you be celebrating Pride Month this year? 

I want to learn more about LGBT+ history in London. I’m not from London so I think it’s a great chance to learn more about where I am now. I will also be joining Virtual Pride Blackpool on 5th June! 


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