QM Angels Athletes Become World Champions!

On the 27th of April 2018 history was made as Team England Co-ed took home 1st place and the gold medals at the International Cheer Union World Championships in Florida for the first time ever.

The ICU World Championships takes place annually in April, with the England national team formed just four years ago. Last year England took home the world title in the all-girl category, and a silver in the co-ed (teams which consist of males and females)  category.

To compete you need to perform a two and a half minute routine with a cheer, consisting of stunting (throwing people in the air), tumbling (flips and gymnastics), and jumps (the kind where your feet have to go above your head!}.

Sharing this great achievement with the team this year were two of our very own QMUL alumni  and Club Sport members, Jeffrey Cespon and Bobby Heap, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Just five years ago, both athletes walked into the Qmotion Sports Hall to our cheerleading clubs, Queen Mary Angels, taster session having never cheered before in their life.

With five years of training, patience, and world class coaching from the QMA coach of nine years Clare Winder, they made it on to the team and trained relentlessly until flying out to America to compete a few weeks ago. The rest, as they say, is history.

Speaking of their achievements, Jeff said "It felt absolutely incredible standing on top of the podium, words can hardly describe how amazing it felt. I might as well give my gold medal to QMA's head coach Clare Winder because without her, I wouldn't have even been selected onto Team England let alone have the skills to win gold. It is through her dedication and hard work with QMA that she's able to continually mould students with no background in the sport into world class athletes."

Bobby added, "When we were announced at first place it was a time stopping moment. I honestly felt so much pride but not for myself. I had never heard of cheerleading before my time at QM and I learnt everything from my coaches: Clare Winder and Jeff Cespon. It is not just the stellar in-depth coaching, but the work ethic that is the foundation of the way it is run to which I credit my skills and confidence in the sport.

I owe my win in America and every success I have had with cheerleading to Clare and to QMA."

Congratulations to both, Team England, and Queen Mary Angels!