QMSU’s Coffee Partnership Makes a Difference

Children say thank you to QMSU in Rwanda

QMSU’s Coffee Partnership Makes a Difference

Earlier this year, QMSU entered into a partnership with a new coffee provider, Caffe Praego. Caffe Praego places an emphasis on knowing how and where their coffee is sourced, whilst also making a huge difference in these communities. The coffee is both organic and Fairtrade and comes from co-operatives in Rwanda.

Caffe Praego works with the Point Foundation and Caffe Praego to improve the lives of people living in the communities that their coffee comes from, through funding education, creating a Disability Programme and providing early learning opportunities for young children.

For every case of coffee we buy at QMSU, £3 goes directly to fund these projects. Caffe Praego have provided us with an update to see exactly where the money we spend on coffee has been going over the past couple of months:

  • In June, the project increased the number of disabled children funded with daily transport, school fees, uniforms, shoes and school books from 66 to 76
  • The project has taken one another specialist teacher at the House of Children School
  • A new programme has been introduced, supplying milk to all 76 disabled children. Almost all children funded by this project come from vulnerable families with limited nutrition inn their diets, so milk will be a valuable addition to their lunches. The milk is being supplied from a local cattle farmer, who supplies 30 litres of milk per day. The project is hoping that this will increase to ensure all 700 children at the school will have access to milk.
  • The project has just taken delivery of another 500 school books, taking the number of books supplied this year to 2,500
  • £500 of new workshop equipment has been provided to ensure the workshop at the House of Children School will be able to make crutches, false legs and other equipment to meet the needs of the disabled students
  • A new projector and microphone system has been funded for the Kigeyo School
  • 100 desks and benches have been funded for “La Germe School”, a small self-funding primary and infants school in the area. Previously, students had to sit on the floor for lessons and more funding is being set aside to build three toilets to provide the school with hygiene facilities.

It is fantastic to see the money we spend on coffee at Queen Mary Students’ Union going to such worthwhile projects. We will continue to provide updates on where the money we spend goes. You can find Caffe Praego coffee in Ground Café, the Learning Café, Infusion, Drapers Bar & Kitchen, the Griff Inn and the Shield Café.


Thank you to Caffe Praego for providing photos and updates